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Peter Blue’s art takes the form of painting, collage, sculpture and mobiles that are characterized by vibrant acrylic colors, symmetry and balance.  These unique creations incorporate a variety of materials, dream-like imagery and motion as they follow gravity’s path.  Inspired by eastern and western religious imagery as well as military order, his creations are often whimsical and childlike while imparting thought provoking images.  Some of his work, such as his marble chutes, are specifically designed for children, created from everyday materials and punctuated with toys.  Interactive and noisy with the satisfying clangs of bells, these creations are a marvel to behold and just plain fun.  His mediums also include collage and painted wood reliefs.  Commissions are invited.

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It was with the advent of the internet that Joyce Blue’s lifelong fascination with history and genealogy became a full fledged passion.  Beginning of course with research on her own family, she began to expand her work to include family histories for other who were curious about their own heritage.  In the course of all this research, Joyce collected large quantities of historical materials, much of it family related, but much of it about the history of Eaton NH.  Among these archives were the handwritten journals of Nella Braddy Henney.  Seeing the journals as an important piece of local history, Joyce transcribed the 14 handwritten books and published them to make them available to everyone who might have an interest in life in Eaton during the early to mid 20th century.  This led her to compile other photograph collections, stories, and family histories into book form, all self published, some made available for purchase, while others printed for private individuals.  The books listed on this site are among those that are available for purchase.


Have you ever wanted to build a family tree to share with future generations, but had no idea where to begin?  Or perhaps you have mountains of information on your family history and would like to consolidate it into book form so that others might also enjoy it?


Joyce has years of experience in researching family histories and condensing them

into book form and will be happy to help you.  Very reasonable rates.


Eaton Through the Ages

Summers on Foss:

Families of William & Joan Ackerman

Other Tiltles


Summers on Foss: The Journals of Nella Braddy Henney


Nella Braddy first came to Foss Mountain in Eaton, NH with her husband, Keith Henney in 1933. Both authors and editors, they later collaborated to write two definitive histories about the little town of Eaton. As they spent their summers on Foss they recorded the life around them in words and pictures for more than the next quarter century. A remarkable bit of local history, these journals and photo albums include local residents and many well known individuals who were part of the Henneys' faster paced life in New York. Stories that deserve to be remembered, it was if they were recording living history for the future, a continuation of their works about Eaton


How to Have an Atomic Blast   2008


It is 1953 and the U. S. Military is working hard.  Now atom bombs are nasty business, but if you’re a government developing weapons of mass destruction, why not make it fun.  Have a party to debut your work.  Pick a date that makes sense for such a blast, like St. Patrick’s Day, and a zany festive location like Las Vegas.  Invite the press, assigning them bunkers from which to admire the spectacle accompanied by military brass so they’ll feel sort of safe.  Invite hundreds of other dignitaries, patriots, and people with ample wealth, get them up in the middle of the night, give them special glasses, and let the raucous times begin.


Keith and Nella Henney were there on March 17, 1953, both with pens and typewriters at hand.  This is their account of that ominous and oddly entertaining event.


Soft cover   $7.50



Portrait of a Girl    2009


Louis Feron was born in 1901 in Normandy France.  He was a world class sculptor and goldsmith, and a resident of Eaton, New Hampshire who continued to work up until his death in 1998.


In 1986 Louis sculpted terra cotta busts of his two grandnieces, Jessica and Jania.  Jania’s father, Peter Blue, photographed the artist at work on the sculptures.  Sadly, only one of the busts survived the firing process.  This book is a collection of the photographs capturing the creation and completed beauty of the surviving piece.


Hard cover  $20.00



The Snows of Snowville    2010


Sailing for America on the Mayflower in 1620 was an Englishman named Stephen Hopkins with his family which included his daughter, Constance.  An adventurous and vexing individual, Stephen had already been to the New World, one trip being marked by a storm that left his crew shipwrecked in the Caribbean for a time.  It has been said by some that Shakespeare’s play “The Tempest” was based upon a letter he wrote to England telling of this adventure.


Stephen’s daughter, Constance, later married another immigrant from England, Nicholas Snow, and from them emerged many notable descendants over the generations including statesmen, bankers, generals, merchants and such.  It was their descendant, Joseph Snow, born in 1791, who founded the village of Snowville in eastern New Hampshire in the early 1800s.  This is the story of Joseph and his wife Sally, along with the next 7 generations who helped build and still remain in this idyllic New Hampshire village.




Come see Peter's vibrant paintings, collages, wall reliefs, and mobiles. See Joyce's beautiful miniature dollhouses that she has reconditioned or remodeled. Also available for sale will be Joyce's recently published book, "Summers on Foss: The Journals of Nella Braddy Henney." These journals cover their summers on Foss from 1942 through 1965. The heart of the journals is day to day life on the edge of a small town: getting the car up the steep Foss Mountain Road (or not), protecting the garden from marauders, patrolling the blueberry fields, gathering firewood for cool nights and hobnobbing with friends and neighbors. The journals evoke a spirit of days gone by, all of this lovingly transcribed by Joyce as written and annotated with information on several of the individuals and families mentioned as well as numerous contemporary photographs, many taken by Nella's husband Keith Henney. You will LOVE this book.


EATON column by Nancy E. Williams

Eaton, New Hampshire

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